Lighting off backyard fireworks this 4th of July? Did you know ages 5-19 years are at the highest risk of injury? Make sure it’s a safe celebration for your family by following these firework safety tips.

  • Fireworks are only for adults.
  • Fireworks and alcohol do not mix.
  • Do not hand fireworks to children. Sparklers burn at 1200 degrees F., that’s hotter than melting glass.
  • Keep children under constant supervision during celebrations.
  • Wear safety glasses when lighting fireworks.
  • Only light one firework at a time and quickly leave the area.
  • Close windows and doors so shooting fireworks don’t shoot inside the house.
  • Be prepared for fires with a bucket of water and a charged hose.
  • If clothing catches fire… Stop! Drop! And Roll!
  • If you get burned, immediately cool the burn with running water.
  • Be extra cautious near dry, dead grasses and landscapes.
  • Do not attempt to relight a “dud.” Wet it down and move on to the next one.
  • Dispose of all used fireworks by wetting them down and placing in a metal container separate from combustibles and away from the building until the next day.
  • Remember pets may be frightened and run away, ensure they are wearing a tag and in a secure location.

Happy 4th of July! Keep it safe to make it memorable and fun!

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