Certified Online CPR Classes

Get reliable first aid certification for your business with online CPR classes from West Coast CPR. We are committed to teaching CPR in a fun and innovative way, and to streamline training nationwide. We believe that proper training can make all the difference in the event of an emergency, so get started today.

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How Can CPR Training Make a Difference?

    We work hard to make CPR training accessible to large and small businesses alike. We adhere to the latest regulations so that you can ensure your company is in full compliance and give your team peace of mind. Give your employees the tools they need to handle emergency situations with convenient online classes.

    Show your employees that you care about their health and safety by registering for certifies online CPR classes. Our training can help you feel ready to handle any situation that may arise. The team at West Coast CPR will work with you to find a training solution that meets your company’s needs.

    If an accident occurs, a prompt response can make all the difference in the outcome. Our instructors take a conversational approach to teaching, and we welcome any questions that you have. Our goal is to help you be prepared to respond appropriately and potentially save lives.

    With over a decade of experience in CPR training, we make learning fun. We respect your time and want to make it easy to learn the necessary skills, which is why we offer online classes that can be adapted to suit your team’s busy schedules. We ship all CPR & AED supplies necessary and a certified instructor evaluates the hands-on practice via Zoom meeting.

    Located in Shoreline, WA, we now offer certified online CPR classes to Businesses through the United States. Get a quote by calling (206) 629-5295 today.