Hey WestCoast CPR Students, you didn’t think we’d forget about you for 2 years did you? Join us for complimentary CPR and AED training review and practice during¬†your 2 year certification period. These optional practice sessions help sharpen your high quality CPR skills and build confidence in your ability to respond calmly in an emergency.

WestCoast CPR Training conducts free quarterly CPR practice sessions at our facility in North Seattle. These CPR practice sessions provide students with access to adult and pediatric CPR manikins, AEDs and supplies. Instructors are available to coach you in refining your high quality CPR skills.

Upcoming CPR practice sessions for currently certified students:
(This is not a 1-hour commitment, you can pop in and out anytime.)

  • Saturday August 19th 12:00pm-1:00pm
  • Saturday November 4th 12:00pm-1:00pm


Target High performance CPR metrics:

  • Chest compression fraction >80%
  • Compression rate of 100-120/min
  • Compression depth of at least 2 inches in adults and at least 1/3 the depth¬†of the chest in infants and children
  • No excessive ventilation (a rate of <12 breaths/min with only minimal chest rise)
  • Review the ECC guideline for more information


Need To Re-New Your CPR Certification?

To take a CPR/AED certification class, visit our website and enroll online at www.westcoastcprtraining.com


Spaces are limited, contact us to make a reservation.

WestCoast CPR Training Staff