This class covers basic first aid certification skills  This is a hybrid First Aid course. Blended first aid certification classes are a combo of an online first aid course, and a quick 30 minute CPR skills session at WestCoast CPR training center in Shoreline. First aid certifications are valid for 2 years and comply with OSHA and workplace requirements. Receive a First Aid certification card immediately upon completion of class. No written test required. The video-based online First Aid course will be emailed to you within 15 minutes of registration. You will need a high speed internet connection and a flash player.

  1. Enroll and pay for your preferred class date and time below.
  2. Complete the online video course before your scheduled class date.
  3. Attend your scheduled class at WestCoast CPR Training for a hands-on skills practice session.

It’s That Easy!

  • Online Training Time: Learn at your own pace, Typically takes 45 minutes.
  • Classroom Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cost: $64

CPR Mask Key Chain Included

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How To Enroll: Complete the Student Signup form below. Create a Login ID and Password. AcctCode, Department, and CreditCode must be blank. Submit form and proceed to payment screen.

Refunds and Rescheduling

No Refunds. Students can reschedule a skills class at no cost with 24 hours advanced notice. Student arriving more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted to attend, reschedule, or be eligible for a refund. If a student does not show up for class or is more than 10 minutes late, a make-up class can be scheduled by contacting our training center. Make-up classes are $40 each.

Is this considered an online First Aid course?

No, because our blended First Aid classes are only partially online. A hands-on first aid class is included in the package.

First Aid Course Materials Included

First aid app for your smartphone, First Aid handbook pdf, and receive courtesy reminders in 2 years 60 days before your First Aid certification expires.
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