1-Hour CPR Classes | 7 Days A Week!

Many Seattleites have taken a CPR class or two in their day. Times have changed. At WestCoast CPR Training, it’s the tech that’s making learning to save lives easier to do and remember than ever before.

First, the majority of the training content is delivered in a easy to use, online training course. The video based training can be viewed at any time online, saving progress along the way. The self-paced learning helps people stay focused and retain information. The online courses is efficient, only 1.5 hours or less.

A 1-hour practice session is scheduled at WestCoast CPR Training upon enrollment. After the online portion, the skills session provides students the opportunity to practice with an instructor, and get familiar with the CPR equipment. Classes are small, less than 10 people to ensure quality. Participants build confidence from practice and positive coaching.

Students are provided the tools they need be prepared and stay informed. A certification card is sent via email the same day as the skill class. Everyone receives an app for their phone and CPR mask key chain with an FDA approved 1-way barrier. Ongoing training is available by reviewing the online course or attending free practice sessions at WestCoast CPR. And stay in compliance with expiration reminders and free copies of lost cards.

With 1-hour classes 7 days a week, getting CPR and First Aid certified couldn’t get any easier! Give the hybrid classes a try for your next certification and you’ll find the lifestyle upgrade is well worth it.

Get CPR certified by signing up for a class, and starting your online course today! https://westcoastcprtraining.com/cpr-classes/